CALI Strong Performance T-Shirt with X-Odor Blue

  • $29.99

Get anti-odor, anti bacterial, UV protection with our ultra soft CALI Strong Performance T-shirt with X-Odor technology. The high tech X-Odor fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, by wicking unwanted moisture away from your body. X-Odor fabric is a highly absorbent fabric with wicking and ion discharging characteristics.

X-Odor fabric is constructed from special yarns which contain large amounts of micro pores on the surface of the yarn. The micro pores are an inherent feature of the carbon and natural mineral elements from which the yarn is produced.

The yarns are developed from abstracts of various herbs, and the minerals extracted from these herbs, which offer high absorbency, excellent wicking and ion discharging characteristics. These characteristics have innate antibacterial functions and significant odor absorbing and neutralizing elements.


  • Anti-odor performance: Anti-bacteria is not equal to anti-odor. Bacteria are only one cause of body odor. Ammonia, denatured proteins, and surround environments are significant cause of odor in apparel. X-Odor is designed to absorb and neutralize the odor before it happens.
  • Anti-bacteria: The other element of odor is caused by bacteria, especially Staphyloccoccus aureus. The natural elements found in the mirco porous X-Odor yarns have been designed to protect the yarn from the growth of harmful microbes and bacteria.
  • UV Protection
  • 100% polyester cool dry Pique knit
  • Excellent yarn wicking, skin dry
  • Retains body heat, soft to touch, very comfortable
  • Double stitched
  • Self fabric taped neck

Consumer Advisory: Don't cross the streams. It would be bad.

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