Zombie Skull Mini Cruiser Throwback Complete 7" x 28" - Banana Boards - CALI Strong

Zombie Skull Mini Cruiser Throwback Complete 7" x 28"

  • $129.99

The Zombie Skull Mini Cruiser Throwback is a Penny Board killer not made for 7 year-olds. You get everything that makes retro Banana Boards great without any of the kiddie drawbacks. Small enough for easy carry and storage, yet big enough so you can actually live on it with no compromises.

She is the perfect have it all deck. Fits easy into your locker, carry-on, or backpack, and still offers enough foot room for doing manuals, pop-offs, and tricks. This iron lady is a superbly compact and stable little she-monster that changes the game in the skate park, city or campus.

She is a mini cruiser built with high-quality 7 Ply Canadian Maple and equipped with the smoothest components available. Whether a skate virtuoso, or just a regular Joe or Jane who fancies a smoother ride on soft 78A durometer polyurethane wheels spun on slick ABEC-7 bearings, you have found your best girl in the CALI Strong Mini Cruiser Throwback.

This board's equipped and ready to ride the second it's dropped at your doorstep.

Skateboard Cruiser Construction

  • Width: 7"
  • Length: 25"
  • Wheelbase: 14.25"
  • 7 Ply Hard Canadian Maple for long-lasting strength and pop!
  • Low Concave Deck
  • Fully Functional Kicktail

Skateboard Cruiser Complete Hardware

  • 7.75" Seagull Heavy Duty High Tensile Aluminum Alloy Trucks with PU cushions, Hardened Steel Axles & 4-hole base pattern
  • 1/2" Rigid Riser Pads
  • 62 mm Diameter 78A Durometer Performance Polyurethane Wheels
  • ABEC-7 Speed Bearings
  • 80 AB Grit Heavy Duty Anti Bubble Grip Tape with screened CALI Strong Logo

*Actual wheel and truck color may vary.

Skateboard History

Frank Nasworthy introduced polyurethane wheel technology to skateboarding in the early 70's. Frank moved to Southern California in 1971 to surf, and noticed that kids were trying to skateboard in empty swimming pools when the surf was down. Nasworthy guessed the soft polyurethane wheels would be perfect for skateboarding. Assembling them onto his skateboard he discovered they allowed for a much smoother, fast, and controllable ride. Realizing the potential polyurethane skateboard wheels, Frank Nasworthy founded the Cadillac Wheels Company in 1973.

Consumer Advisory: Always piss down a slope.


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