CALI Strong Glow In the Dark Jackets

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CALI Strong Glow In The Dark Jackets
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The new CALI Strong Glow in the Dark Classic Coach Jackets are a classic look with modern hi-tech touches. A simple snap closure at the front and bold screen glowing prints on the left chest & back gives the jacket a clean lit style.

Wear it open or snap it up and cinch down the drawstring hem when the weather gets chilly; either way, this comfortable windbreaker will make sure you’re fresh and warm.

CALI Strong Classic Glow In The Dark Coach Jacket Burgundy

CALI Strong Classic Glow in the Dark Coach Jacket Burgundy

CALI Strong Classic Glow In The Dark Coach Jacket Black CALI Strong Classic Glow In The Dark Coach Jacket Black

CALI Strong Classic Glow in the Dark Coach Jacket Black

CALI Strong Classic Glow In The Dark Coach Jacket Maroon

CALI Strong Classic Glow in the Dark Coach Jacket Maroon

CALI Strong’s Glow in the Dark T-Shirts
 are more than ten times brighter and last ten times longer than other industry standard glow-inks after exposure to light. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing, the best raw chemical components, and rare earth metals, our glow inks cost 10X more than regular t-shirt ink.

Photoluminescent pigments are phosphor crystals that radiate visible light after being energized. They possess the unique capacity to absorb and store light energy. In the dark, these pigments then emit a luminous glow by slowly releasing that stored energy as visible light.

How Glow in the Dark Works

Our superior next generation of glow crystals is suspended in a specially formulated ink carrier that allows UV light to charge it more efficiently. With traditional glow ink technology, only the top layer gets charged.

Standard photoluminescent inks are limited in how much glow pigment they can carry. The advanced suspension technology used by CALI Strong allows for a much higher photoluminescent pigment load.

How the New Glow Ink is better than the Old Glow Ink.

With more powerful glow crystals inside, CALI Strong Glow T-shirts deliver the brightest longest lasting glow prints on the planet.

About the Author: Jim Stroesser

Author: Jim Stroesser - CALI Strong

Jim Stroesser has amassed 38 years of experience in global consumer branding across the sports, fashion, and entertainment industries. Starting his career as a tech rep, he ascended to CEO roles with some of the world's leading brands. As the Co-Founder and CEO of CALI Strong Inc., a direct-to-consumer sports brand based in San Diego, CA, Jim has led the company in producing premium apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories.

His tenure as Owner/Partner at Converse is particularly noteworthy. Jim was pivotal in reviving the brand from bankruptcy in 2001, elevating its value from $120 million to $285 million, and playing a crucial role in its $305 million sale to Nike in 2003, marking one of the century's significant mergers and acquisitions.

Beyond Converse, Jim has held senior management positions at renowned companies such as Nike, Quiksilver, Oakley, LA Gear, Pony, and Adio. He is also actively involved in several boards of directors positions, including SDSI, led by Chairman Bill Walton, which focuses on mentoring companies and assisting in capital raising efforts.