Who invented the most skateboard tricks?

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Who invented the most skateboard tricks? Answer is Rodney Mullen!
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To me and others, Rodney Mullen is widely regarded as one of the most influential skateboarders in the history of the sport. He is known for inventing numerous skateboard tricks and maneuvers. While it's difficult for me to provide an exact count of the specific tricks he has invented, he has played a pivotal role in creating and popularizing many foundational street and freestyle skateboarding tricks.

The Most Skateboard Tricks Winner is?

Officially, Guinness World Records says the record for Most Skateboard Tricks Invented goes to Rodney Mullen. They say he invented thirty skateboard tricks between 1997 and 2008, which puts him at the top of the list.

Wikipedia® credits Rodney Mullen with a list of thirty-one skateboard tricks.

Rodney Mullen's List of 37 Tricks He Created

Here is my list of tricks I have tracked down that were attributed to Randy Mullen.

No. Rodney Mullen's Skateboard Trick Name Year Invented
1 Godzilla Rail Flip 1979
2 540 Shove-It 1979
3 50/50 Saran Wrap 1979
4 50/50 Casper 1980
5 Helipop 1980
6 Gazelle Flip 1981
7 No-Handed 50/50 1981
8 No-Handed 50/50 Kick Flip 1981
9 Kick Flip 1982
10 Heel Flip 1982
11 Double Heel Flip 1982
12 Impossible 1982
13 Sidewinder 1983
14 360 Flip 1983
15 Switch 360 Flip 1983
16 360 Pressure Flip 1983
17 Casper 360 Flip 1983
18 Half-Cab Kick Flip 1983
19 50/50 Sidewinder 1983
20 One-footed Ollie 1984
21 Backside Flip (Backside 180 Kick Flip) 1984
22 Ollie Nosebone 1986
23 Ollie Finger Flip 1986
24 Ollie Airwalk 1986
25 Frontside Heel Flip Shove-It 1988
26 Helipop Heel Flip 1990
27 Kick Flip Underflip 1992
28 Half-Cab Kick Flip Underflip 1992
29 Casper Slide 1992
30 Half Flip Darkslide 1992
31 Handstand Flips 1992
32 Primo Grinds and Slides 1992
33 Dark Slide 1993
34 Handstand Flip 1998
35 Mullen Spin 2016
36 Impossible 360 2016
37 Backside Impossible 2016

Rodney Mullen's 10 Most Influential Tricks

Everyone has their own opinion, but here is what I feel are his most influential tricks:

Kick Flip (1982): Revolutionized street skateboarding. It became a foundational trick and a building block for more complex maneuvers.

Heel Flip (1982): Alongside the kickflip, the heelflip is a core trick in street skating, providing a basis for numerous variations and combinations.

Impossible (1982): Showcased Rodney's creativity and technical skill, influencing skaters to explore more inventive and challenging tricks.

360 Flip (1983): Also known as the 'tre flip,' this trick combines a 360-degree flip with a skateboard's kickflip, becoming a staple in modern street skating.

No-Handed 50/50 (1981) & Casper 360 Flip (1983): These tricks exemplified Rodney's pioneering approach to combining flips with rail and flatland skating, expanding the scope of what could be done on a skateboard.

Ollie Airwalk (1986): Blended street and vert skating styles, demonstrating the versatility of street skating tricks.

Frontside Heel Flip Shove-It (1988): Showcased the evolution of flip tricks and the combination of spins and flips, a hallmark of modern street skating.

Kick Flip Underflip (1992): Pushed the technical complexity of skateboarding tricks, leading to a new era of innovation in trick development.

Casper Slide (1992): Brought a new dimension to sliding tricks on the board, influencing the freestyle and technical aspects of skateboarding.

Dark Slide (1993) & Handstand Flip (1998): Demonstrated the fusion of technical skill and creativity, which became a signature aspect of street skateboarding.

Mullen's contribution through these tricks lies not just in their technicality but in the philosophy they embodied. He showed that skateboarding was not just about athletic prowess but also about creativity, innovation, and personal expression. His influence extends beyond the tricks themselves; he changed how skaters approached the sport, encouraging them to see the urban landscape as a canvas for creativity.

Rodney Mullen - PopTech 2013 - Camden, ME - Photo by Thatcher Cook

Rodney Mullen - PopTech 2013 - Camden, ME - Photo by Thatcher Cook

Rodney Mullen's Legacy

Rodney Mullen's legacy in skateboarding is evident in the way street skating has evolved. Today's skaters build upon the foundations he laid, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible on a skateboard. His impact is seen in every skatepark, street corner, and competition where these tricks are performed, making him a true legend in the sport.

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