Tactical Hats with Morale Patches for Customization

Transform your look with tactical hats with morale patches for customization. Express your unique style effortlessly with our wide selection of add-on tactical patches and new bucket hat and trucker hat designs in expanded colors and patterns. CALI Strong's new twist on tactical hats is the ultimate choice for durability and fashion versatility. The tactical patches make it easy to change the look and style of your patch hat by letting you swap hat patches quick & easy.

Each tactical cap comes with one morale patch included. You can add more from our Hook-and-Loop Morale Patch Collection.

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Morale Patch Hat FAQ:

What is a Tactical Hat?

A Tactical Hat is headwear designed for military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts who require durability and functionality in their gear. These hats are part of tactical clothing, which offers practical benefits such as protection from the elements and places to attach patches, including identification, morale, or unit patches. Tactical hats come in various styles, such as baseball, trucker, boonie, bucket, and beanies.

Tactical hats are popular not only among military and law enforcement personnel but also among hikers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate the combination of functionality and durability these hats offer.

What is an Operator Cap?

Operator Caps are a type of Tactical Hat similar to baseball caps but with tactical features like Hook-and-Loop patches and more durable construction.

What is a Patch Hat?

Patch Hats are just another name for Tactical Hats commonly used by civilians. The general public prizes them for their ability to swap cool patches.

What is a Morale Patch?

Morale patches are detachable patches that you can attach to your hat or gear using the Hook-and-Loop back. They come in all sorts of designs, from cool graphics and slogans to symbols. The great part is that you can easily switch them out whenever you want. This means if you've got a new favorite design or wish to update your look, you can do so in seconds without needing to buy new gear. It's a simple yet effective way to personalize your hat and make a statement.

What is a Tactical Patch?

A Tactical Patch and a Morale Patch are pretty much the same thing. They both have Hook-and-Loop backs so that you can change them, but a tactical patch has a very specific use in military and law enforcement. Quick visual identification in complex environments can be critical and life-saving.

How are CALI Strong Patch Hats Different?

CALI Strong Patch Hats stand out by merging military tradition with contemporary fashion, going beyond the standard camouflage. Introducing a vibrant palette and over 200 unique patch designs. Born from the heart of a military community in San Diego, the military's core values—honor, unity, and resilience—naturally became the foundation of our brand. Our military ambassadors are from Seal Team 6, Army Delta Force, and the Marines and guide us in addressing the military community's needs.