CALI Strong Original Rasta Skateboard Trick Deck - Trick Skateboard Deck - CALI Strong

CALI Strong Original Rasta Skateboard Trick Deck

  • $44.99

The CALI Strong Original Rasta Skateboard Deck is designed and constructed for high performance and durability. CALI Strong's 7 Ply maple epoxy resin construction utilizes less glue for a lighter and stronger board that keeps its pop longer so you can get more from it.

Skateboard Construction

  • 7 Ply Hard Canadian Maple with Resin Epoxy Glue
  • Concave Double Kick Camber Deck
  • Grip tape not applied to board.

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Consumer Advisory: Warranty does not cover misuse, accident, lightning, flood, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, earthquakes, hurricanes and other Acts of God along with damage from improper or unauthorized thermonuclear detonations, bad acid, incorrect line voltage, dimensional time travel paradoxes, Viking attacks, supernova gamma-ray bursts, low altitude sonic booms, and incidents owing to airplane crashes, ships sinking, motor vehicles, bears, falling rocks, fresh fruit, broken glass, mud slides, forest fires, more bears, or projectiles (which can include, but not be limited to arrows, bullets, spears, axes, bad words, BB's, shrapnel, lasers, napalm, torpedoes, knives, sticks, stones, et al.)

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