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AI Wood Rasta Skateboard Trick Complete

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The Wood Rasta Skateboard is a pro-level board that can rip up the street and the skate park with ease. Sharpen your skills with this durable complete by CALI Strong. It arrives built, so you can ride as soon as it shows up.

The 7 Ply Hard Canadian Maple provides stability and stiffness in a durable and long lasting skateboard with the perfect amount of pop. Zip around your local skate park on a smooth glide with wheels made from durable 98A Durometer performance polyurethane, and slick ABEC-7 bearings.

Skateboard Construction

  • 7 Ply Hard Canadian Maple with Resin Epoxy Glue
  • Concave Double Kick Camber Deck

Skateboard Hardware

  • 5" Seagull Heavy Duty High Tensile Aluminum Alloy Trucks with 92A bushings, Hardened Steel Axles & 4-hole base pattern
  • 53 mm Diameter 98A Durometer Performance Polyurethane Wheels
  • ABEC-7 Precision Speed Bearings
  • 80 AB Grit Heavy Duty Anti Bubble Grip Tape with screened CALI Strong Logo


Reggae History:

  • Winston Grennan is most famous for creating the one drop rhythm in the late 1960's. One Drop, an outgrowth of the ska and rocksteady, became the foundation for reggae music, combined with traditional Jamaican forms such as mento, burro and kumina. One drop rhythm places kick/snare emphasis on the third beat within a highly syncopated 4/4 bar. Winston Grennan also appeared in the classic film The Harder They Come, as well as playing on most of the soundtrack cuts.
  • Leslie Kong was an influential Chinese-Jamaican reggae producer. Leslie and his two brother ran a restaurant, ice cream parlor and record shop called Beverley's in Orange Street, Kingston. In 1962, Kong recorded Marley's first single: "One Cup of Coffee" and "Judge Not", and Jimmy Cliff's first hit, "Miss Jamaica".

Skateboard History

SkateBoarder magazine premiered in 1964 with only four issues released that year. The cover of issue 1 featured Dave Hilton (uncle of Paris Hilton) from the Hobie Super Surfer Skateboard Team. The Hobie Skateboard Team were some of the first skateboarders to start doing the flat land tricks that defined the 60’s style.

Consumer Advisory: This product moves when used.